Silver Lotto System Review Not A Winning System

While we see many reviews on Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, most all of these reviews say the system is a good winning system or is it? We also see that most all of these reviews are not by real winners or real users of the system, just people who are selling the system as an affiliate trying to earn sales commissions. So basically all of these are 100% misleading false reviews and they give you no proof at all the system has won any lottery games. We certainly could not find any real lottery winners who won using this lottery system and their should be lots of them as the system claims to give you a 98% win rate, which is totally Un-Believable and certainly Not True!. This Silver Lotto System is reported on just about every single lottery system review site as a very poor winning system that should be passed on as not worth the waste of money and time. If there were tons of winners, there would most certainly be some evidence of this, but the fact is, there is None!

Ken Silver himself claims to have won a big lottery jackpot using his own Silver Lotto System, yet shows no proof of this win, that is very fishy indeed. He only shows you small groups of so-called winning lottery tickets, but they are blurred out of focus or arranged so you cannot see if it is a winning ticket or not, again very fishy stuff by a so-called self proclaimed lottery expert. We have also verified many complants against Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto System ranging from:

  • Silver Lotto System wins nothing after using many times.
  • Silver Lotto System does not give you a 98% win rate, more like a 2% win rate.
  • Sales page full of false or misleading advertising.
  • Once you purchase system Ken Silver does not help you, just ignores you if you have problems (many complaints of no support at all once has your money).
  • Guaranteed 60 day full refund not being honored as reported by many.
  • Some people actually report credit cards being billed over and over without consent from card owner (Possible Fraud Not Worth The Risk)

We have also seen many reviews on various websites, forums, review sites and legit articles stating the Silver Lotto System is not a good wining system. This makes perfect sense to use, as Ken Silver is not a real lottery expert, just a common writer/publisher hence all the made-up writings and claims about his system. We have even reviewed many claims against Ken Silver on actual rip-off report sites reporting all sorts of not good stuff, which again backs up all other bad reviews. So after digging deep and seeing what Ken Silver and his so-called great winning lottery system Silver Lotto System is all about, we agree 100% this Silver Lotto System is just pure hyped-up nonsense, the whole poor winning system is definitely not what it is advertised to be, as far as our opinion goes, the Silver Lotto System is just a common click bank seller trying to make a fast buck off of un-suspecting people who desperately want to win the lottery.

Have you seen the silly statement Ken Silver put on his sales page about the security of his system? This Ken Silver is seriously a big user of misleading burble to try to make people think he is a very intelligent lottery expert, when he is really only an intelligent shady seller!


My System is so valuable that years ago I took the precaution of storing the original formula in a bank vault – well away from prying eyes!”

The Silver Lotto System received NO votes at all as a good winning system on the 2013 best winning lottery system official poll results seen below. This yet again confirms the Silver Lotto System has NO real winners, all false advertising to build-up a seriously poor system. The official poll results reveal the true lottery winning systems and the Silver Lotto System is not one of them, not even close!

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems


Silver Lotto System Had No Real Winners From Using The System That Claims A Huge 98% Win Rate, sorry this is a totally false winning lottery system and the proof is solid!

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You can also check out and search Ken Silver or Silver Lotto System to see many more complaints. These are just a few places, there are many others out there reporting complaints on this Silver Lotto System, you now have the honest real truth!

Lotto Black Book System Completely Fake

We are extremely upset to see that the Lotto Black Book system is still on the market, as the system has been caught as a completely phony lottery system. This Lotto Black Book Review is not just our opinion, the Lotto Black Book system was checked out thoroughly by us and many other users. The system was found to not have been developed by an Oklahoma Math Professor Larry Blair as claimed on the system sales page. So who then owns this lottery system? Well it’s no big surprise, but the real creator of the Lotto Black Book system is just a plain old Marketer. Just a regular common marketer who is using a phony scenario of being created by an Oklahoma Math Professor, this is so you think it is a great winning system, when it is actually is a very poor winning system.

If you have followed the many various hyped-up sales pages for the Lotto Black Book, you would have seen the many misleading claims, such as being Larry Blair being shot in the leg for the Lotto Black Book Formula, silly false testimonials being used, all have been proven to not be true. This whole system has been caught red handed in untruthful claims! Who in the world would shoot a person in the leg and risk jail time, they only need to buy the system, not having to shoot anyone, makes no sense! Also every single lottery system review site is reporting this system as a phony and it does not win any lottery games.

The Lotto Black Book supposed creator says he won three lottery jackpots, yet not one single piece of legitimate proof to show is real. We contacted this Larry Blair and asked a few questions about the lottery winnings he claimed, well guess what? No replies at all, just what we figured would result. If you are going to tell the world you have won three lottery jackpots with your system, you had better have real proof!

We know many people were mislead into buying this false Lotto Black Book formula and they found out the hard way, it really was not a good system at all. Yes, we even gave the system a go and it failed to work as the advertised 48.7% win rate claimed. We did not get a requested refund even though it says guaranteed 60 day refund, so be warned of this.

The Lotto Black Book has some real secrets to reveal such as:

  • The Lotto Black Book was not created by a math professor, just a common marketer.
  • The Lotto Black Book has in fact not won three lottery jackpots.
  • The Lotto Black Book formula is really nothing special and does not give you the claimed 48.7 win rate as advertised.
  • The creator of the Lotto Black Book makes his money by sales ( mostly by affiliates selling system) not by winning the lottery.
  • The Lotto Black Book has been caught in many untruthful claims, seriously shows big red flag system is not for real.

Here is the results of the 2013 best winning lottery system official poll results. Take a look where the Lotto Black Book system placed. The system placed very poorly as no people are winning using the false system. You want real proof of winning systems, this poll shows you real solid proof of which systems real lottery winners are using.

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems

As you can see for yourself the top winning system was the Lotto Guy System taking 67% of the winning votes, so you know people are winning much better with that system versus the Lotto Black Book System with only a 2% of the votes, that is a huge difference my friends and solid truth!

The Lotto Black Book does have many so-called good reviews, but if you look closer at those reviews you will see they are all from affiliates selling the Lotto Black Book to make money. False reviews by affiliates are just untruthful reviews they mean nothing! You need to read the real reviews which are fewer and harder to find. The lotto Black Book is definitely not a tested and proven lottery system, it actually is a very nonsense filled system. The system is very costly and does not deliver what it advertises and does not honor the guaranteed refunds, so do not be fooled out of your money, there are much better real lottery winning systems you could be using.

The real secret to the Lotto Black Book System is that it is a phony lottery system designed to make money from sales, not by winning real lottery games. Also remember the poll results, the Lotto Black Book completely failed! No winners are using this nonsense silly system, polls do not lie like false Lotto Black Book Reviews or false testimonials. Only real  lottery systems give real winning results, sorry but the Lotto Black Book is definitely not one of those systems.

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How To Win The Lottery Using Real Winning Strategy

Most people want to know how to win the lottery, but cannot find any truthful advice. Most of you who have played the lotto for a long time, know that you need to use a good winning lotto strategy, as it’s the only lottery tool that can increase your chances to win lottery games. What you do not know is out of the many strategies aka Lottery Systems is, which of these systems are the real deal, meaning they actually win lottery games.

I want to show you the latest best lottery winning systems poll, this will show you which systems real lottery winners voted as good winning systems. This is for real, no fake testimonials as seen on many system sales pages along with silly false advertising to push a sale on you, polls do not lie and cannot be cheated!

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Lottery systems are plentiful, but real tested and proven winning systems are not! There are only a few systems that give good to fair winning success, so these are your best options to use and apply to whichever lotto game you play, only makes sense right? As you can see by the poll results the 3 top voted on systems were Lotto Guy, Smart Play Lotto Wheels and Smart Luck, after these systems the votes really are not worth looking at. Start with the best systems an work your way down if you must, generally I advise to pick one or two good systems and stick with them. Good lottery systems that win lotto games world-wide like Powerball, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, California Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Pa Lottery, even South African Lotto, Malaysian Lottery, Australian Lottery, UK Lotto, are very hard to find as most systems are really just gimmicks which win nothing.

The top winning lottery system, Lotto Guy System, has created more big lottery winners than any other lottery system in the world that we know of. It’s a very powerful lottery system that has been created to give real increased odds to win. No system is perfect and no system can guarantee you will win the lotto. Lottery systems are tools to help you and are much better at increasing your win rates than simply using self picked lottery numbers or quick picks etc, so it really is a no brainer to use a system.

Many people have hit big lottery jackpots worldwide using good strategy and is the best recommended way to play the lottery. All these people used a system/strategy to win lotto.
– An Alberta Woman won over $29,548. in 3 months using a system followed consistently.
– A teenager in Orlando Florida won $17,398 in 6 months using a good sound strategy.
– A 49-year-old California lotto player won $187,000.00 in one lotto game
playing just 12 tickets weekly for 6 months.
– Another person won 2.5 million with-in 6 months following a solid winning strategy playing Australian lottery.

These people ALL used a lottery system to win big, which is the SINGLE common denominator amongst these big lottery winners. There have been surveys taken of lottery players who have used a good lottery system/lotto strategy vs players who only used lottery quick picks, or random numbers and the percentage was reported that players had a 7-10% better win rate if they used a good system/strategy over random numbers or quick picks.It really is the smarter way to play any lottery game, so it’s time for you to change the way you play, your dreams of being a lottery winner can actually come true!

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Lottery Lucky Horoscope Numbers

I am sure that most of you have lucky lottery horoscope numbers to play the lottery and like most people still never win. For some strange reason people think that just because a group of numbers is called lucky or lucky lottery numbers it is for real. Did you think for a second where these numbers came from? Some of these so-called lucky lotto numbers are nothing more than made up random numbers, nothing more. Some are chosen by Astrology but still really means nothing in relation to winning the lottery.

Trying to win the lottery without using real verified proven winning strategies is really a dead end, sadly this is the way most people play the lottery. Strategy is everything and you must change your way of playing the lotto or simply continue to fail. Real life multiple lottery winners do not waste their time playing lottery quick picks, random or self picked numbers or using silly number patterns, these are not winning strategies, leave these methods to the newbies, play smarter and win more frequently that the real key!

Their are many lottery players that truly believe their Astrology or Horoscope lucky numbers will help them win the big lottery. I have through research only found a few lucky lotto people who had won the lottery out of millions, that used horoscope lucky numbers. The percentage is not there to make good winning results, so this lottery playing tactic is not very effective period! So what is an effective strategy to use to win more frequently playing the lottery? The very best way to give you real proof is to show you which strategies or what we call lottery systems real lottery winner advise to use.

Lottery Poll Shows Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems

After studying the official winning lottery system poll results you can clearly make a smarter decision on which winning strategy you should be using and which lotto strategies are simply not working as advertised or claimed to work.

The number first choice of systems that are winning lottery games worldwide is the Lotto Guy System. We agree with this and know this system is for real! The next two best winning systems are lottery wheeling systems, which can be very good if designed correctly. Most voted the Smart Play System as a good winning system then Smart Luck as the third best winning system. Again we totally agree with this out come, you simply cannot ignore a good winning system (just Google any of these top systems to easily find them if interested)

Let’s actually show you even more proof of which systems we voted as best lotto winning systems in 2012. Again look at the official poll results below, study it to see the top winning systems. Once again the top winning system was voted by real winners to be the Lotto Guy System. Then it was the Lottery Circle System placing second and Lottery Audit Software System placing third. It seems that when other better systems as Smart Play and Smart Luck were added to the poll, they took over second and third place to an even greater degree.

Best winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

Remember this! There is simply no such thing as a perfect lottery system, only poor, better and good winning systems. The proof is actually very hard to find as most lottery systems fill you full of false claims and misleading false reviews written mostly by promoters or affiliates selling a system. The systems that have no affiliates are usually 90% much better winning system and the lottery system poll backs this to be the Truth!

Affiliate systems are most likely winning about the same percentage as lottery lucky horoscope numbers, use the right systems and BANG! Your odds to actually win at playing the lotto go way up! Success is really at your fingertips, choose and play lotto wisely!!

Lottery Systems Reviews

How To Win Oklahoma Lottery

Lotto Guy Lottery System Winning Formula

Ohio Lottery Winning Numbers Strategy

Ohio lottery games such as Ohio Rolling Cash 5, Mega Million, Ohio Classic Lotto and the very popular Ohio Powerball, are serious lottery games worth playing, but do not waste your time if you are not going to play smart! Most lotto players are not using good strategy or systems to achieve better odds to win and that really is the key. Using plain old random lottery numbers is the most common strategy used and the side effects are, No Winning Lottery Numbers, so why continue, play smarter makes sense right?

When I say play smarter, it does mean start playing the Ohio Lottery by placing your lottery numbers in a x pattern on your lottery tickets, seriously people think this is a good strategy, of course they seldom win. You need track tested real verified winning strategy, as in a Tested and Proven winning system. For the Ohio Lottery games we suggest using one of the three top winning systems, these have real Ohio Lottery winners recommendations as good winning systems.

  1. The Lotto Guy System (Pattern Analysis System and known as best winning system in the world)
  2. The Smart Play System (Wheeling System Plus Special Strategy)
  3. The Smart Luck System (Wheeling System) (not same system as Smart Play)

These are the systems highly recommended by real true lottery winners, no fake testimonials or reviews, but by official poll results to find the best winning lottery systems in the world! We suggest starting off with one of the two top systems as they have the highest winning votes.

Check it out for yourself:

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Using proven effective strategy for Rolling Cash 5, Mega Million, Classic Lotto and Ohio Powerball makes them much easier to win, especially the smaller cash lotto prizes. You simply cannot stick with old common useless lottery tips and strategies, they do not help very much hitting Ohio Lottery Winning Numbers and you cannot jump from system to system, it would cost a fortune correct? So do it right the first time around, grab an already verified proven legit winning system and get some lottery winning success for a change.

Winning the Ohio lottery games is certainly not an easy task, according to Ohio lotto winners statistics, very few people out of the millions playing the lottery ever win the big lotto jackpot, or even a small lotto cash winning. It’s now time to come out of the dark and learn a smarter way to play the lottery, you are in control, do not play the lazy way. Effective proven successful lotto strategy for Ohio lotto games is the new way to play to win!


Lotto Statistics And Wheeling Systems Win Lotteries!

How To Better Your Odds At Winning South African Lottery

How To Win Mega Million and Powerball

Mega Million is a huge lottery game that many would love to win and the reality is you can, if you increase your odds to win! Do not think this is possible? Just ask the Mega Million winners that are reporting hitting 4 lotto numbers and 5 lotto numbers winning combinations very frequently. The 5 lotto winning numbers they are hitting playing Mega Million come usually with-in a 6 months period of playing, this is nothing compared to the millions of lottery players who never win at all! So what  is the winning strategy what are these lotto players using to win Mega Million? The winning strategy is a new lottery wheeling system that uses verified wheels that have won many big lottery games such as Mega Million and Powerball. The formula used to design these winning lottery wheels have proven to be highly effective at winning lottery games world-wide. The system is now being reported by many experts as the best winning wheeling system in the world!

Imagine getting your lottery tickets and then checking the latest Mega Millions winning number results, and discovering you have a winning 5 lotto numbers winning ticket, you my friend just won yourself $250,000.00, what do you do next with all that money? Here is what other lottery winners of the California Lottery, Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, Georgia Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Pa Lottery, Virginia Lottery, New York Lottery, Washington Lottery, Colorado Lottery, Maryland Lottery and so on did with their winnings. Most bought a new vehicle and a new home, which of course is always nice to have. You yourself could be doing just that with-in 6 months from now playing lotto. You need to follow the recommended strategy to increase your chances to win big! Seriously you a re going to play no matter what, so use the smart stratregy you really have nothing to lose only winnings to gain! The strategy being used is Smart Play Lotto Wheels, you may have heard of it as it came in second place as the best winning lottery wheeling system in the world. With the Mega Million lotto jackpots being as large as they are today, you would be very wise to use and apply this strategy, it works and is very highly recommended by many real lottery winners, it’s simply a No Brainer! 

Do you play the Powerball Lottery? Did you know the Powerball Lottery is a huge multi-state lottery run in all but 8 U.S states, as well as the District of Columbia and Virgin Islands? Powerball Lottery game is just like Mega Millions, the winning jackpots are super large, beginning at $20 million and then going up from there, so it really is must play lotto game.
How To Play Powerball Lottery
The very popular Powerball lottery is a two drum lottery game. The first drum holds 59 white balls, the second drum holds 39 red balls. The red ball are the Powerball. Entrants will select five white balls from first drum and then one red ball from the second drum. The Powerball numbers can be selected by the entrants or drawn at random by the Powerball Lottery machine. The order of which your Powerball numbers are drawn do not affect your winnings.
To win the Powerball Lottery Jackpot, you must match all five white balls in any order drawn, as well as the red Powerball. Even if you don’t succeed at winning the Powerball Jackpot, you can still win cash prizes for getting as little as one correct number (the Powerball). Here’s the Powerball payouts:
  • 5 Correct White Balls and the Powerball: Jackpot Winner
  • 5 Correct White Balls, but no Powerball win: $200,000 ($1,000,000 if you have a PowerPlay at any level)
  • 4 Correct White Balls and the Powerball: $10,000 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 4 Correct White Balls, but no Powerball win: $100 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 3 Correct White Balls and the Powerball: $100 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 3 Correct White Balls, but no Powerball win: $7 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 2 Correct White Balls and the Powerball: $7 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 1 Correct White Ball and the Powerball: $4 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • Just the Powerball win: $3 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
As with the Mega Million lottery, the Powerball Lottery is also a very popular worthwhile lotto game to play, but to get good results, you MUST always use a proven lotto strategy if you are going to succeed in hitting those 4 and 5 Powerball winning lottery numbers. The best known proven strategy for this playing this lotto game is the system Lotto Guy Lottery System. The Lotto Guy System has the best over-all verified proven winning track record for winning Powerball and the Smart Play Lotto Wheeling system has the second known best winning track record for Powerball lottery. With such huge payouts at stake, you simply must play smart to win or really you are just wasting your time and money, this is a no brainer!
U.S States or Territory that participate in playing Powerball & Mega Millions:
                        Lotto Mega Millions – Powerball 
  Alabama No   –   –
  Alaska No   –   –
Arizona Yes Yes Yes
Arkansas Yes Yes Yes
California Yes Yes No
Colorado Yes Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes Yes Yes
Delaware Yes Yes Yes
District of Columbia Yes Yes Yes
Florida Yes No Yes
Georgia Yes Yes Yes
Hawaii No
Idaho Yes Yes Yes
Illinois Yes Yes Yes
Indiana Yes Yes Yes
Iowa Yes Yes Yes
Kansas Yes Yes Yes
Kentucky Yes Yes Yes
Louisiana Yes Yes Yes
Maine Yes Yes Yes
Maryland Yes Yes Yes
Massachusetts Yes Yes Yes
Michigan Yes Yes Yes
Minnesota Yes Yes Yes
Mississippi No
Missouri Yes Yes Yes
Montana Yes Yes Yes
Nebraska Yes Yes Yes
Nevada No
New Hampshire Yes Yes Yes
New Jersey Yes Yes Yes
New Mexico Yes Yes Yes
New York Yes Yes Yes
North Carolina Yes Yes Yes
North Dakota Yes Yes Yes
Ohio Yes Yes Yes
Oklahoma Yes Yes Yes
Oregon Yes Yes Yes
Pennsylvania Yes Yes Yes
Puerto Rico Yes No No
Rhode Island Yes Yes Yes
South Carolina Yes Yes Yes
South Dakota Yes Yes Yes
Tennessee Yes Yes Yes
Texas Yes Yes Yes
Utah No No No
US Virgin Islands Yes Yes Yes
Vermont Yes Yes Yes
Virginia Yes Yes Yes
Washington Yes Yes Yes
West Virginia Yes Yes Yes
Wisconsin Yes Yes Yes
Wyoming No


Lotto Guy Lottery System Wins Florida Lotto

Silver Lotto System Review Real Truth Exposed!

Lottery Systems Reviews

Lotto Winning Tips That Win The Lottery

If your not using real lotto winning tips that are successful to win the lottery, you are seriously missing out! Playing the lottery games as Powerball, Mega Million, California Lottery, Texas Lotto, New York Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Lotto Max, OZ Lotto, UK Lotto, National Lottery, French Lottery and so on without using real lotto winning tips is really a waste of time and money.

       Lotto Winning Tips 

  • If you can, always play the lotto game that has the best odds to win right off the start.
  • Always mix your lottery numbers up, never play consecutive lotto numbers. Consecutive means lotto numbers like 4, 5, 6 or 7, 8, 9, numbers as 3, 6, 9 are not consecutive numbers.
  • Your next lotto tips is, you must play more lottery tickets each lotto draw, it increases your odds to hit winning numbers. Just play an amount you can afford, but do it consistently.
  • Get yourself a good verified winning lottery system. Lottery systems are the only tool that can help increase your chances to win lotto. Players that used lottery systems vs players that did not, hit winning lotto numbers much more frequently, this is a no brainer!

Most real lottery winners use solutions to help boost their win rates and secure winning lottery numbers, again use a lottery system it’s not basically mandatory if you want winning results. So which lottery system or systems are best to use? I have my favorites and have also tried and test many systems, most are silly and will only drain your wallet. Here is proof of which systems are worth using and which systems you should avoid using, just look at the best winning lottery system poll results. In this poll real lottery winners voted on the system that worked best for them, you can now benefit from their testing and knowledge of these top lottery systems. Click open the poll to enlarge and review it)

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems

After reviewing the poll results you may see some systems you have tried, claiming they were great winning systems, but were not, the fact is many of these so-called great systems are useless and just made-up by common marketers looking to make a fast buck from people who are trying to win the lottery. Stick with the systems that are voted as first, second and third best winning systems, these are the best systems in the world that are real winning systems.

Obviously you should use the top winning system, which is the Lotto Guy System. Many people have good winning success using this very unique system and it is highly recommended. If you are a person that wants a very easy no hassle system, yet still very effective at winning lotto, I recommend you use the Smart Play System, which is a top winning lottery wheeling system with special added strategy that boosts win rates , very good stuff!

These are the best real lotto winning tips that have helped people win the lottery the world over, use them, they really do make a big difference!

You Cannot Win The Lotto if You Do not Play!

You Cannot Win The Lotto if You Do not Play!

Lottery Systems Reviews

Silver Lotto System Review Real Truth Exposed!

Lottery Winning Strategy Smart Way To Win Lotto

The Internet can be a wonderful thing to use, to find lottery winning strategy and finding the right strategies makes all the difference in the world. Using just the more common or worse, fake lotto strategies will surely get you no where winning the lottery. The Internet can be a great marketplace for you to buy and sell things with people from all over the world. But buyers need to be careful! Unfortunately, some things are not always what they seem. For example, there are so many websites out there telling you how you can win the lottery using their system, as it will give you big win rates as 72%, 96%, 98% and even 100% which is not real! These types of systems are gimmicks to make the seller and affiliates selling the system money, they do not win lottery games and I will prove this to you!

The false or shady lottery systems usually do this! They use marketing tricks like showing you expensive cars, expensive homes, testimonials usually always fake, even showing you a few winning lottery tickets, but blurred out so you cannot see it’s only a $5 or 10$ winning lotto tickets. They usually always claim many people are winning using their systems, but when checked out there simply are no winners. Now to top it all off to grab your sale they will state you have nothing to lose as there is a 60 guaranteed day full refund if you do not like the product, ya right!! I was fooled by these ploys, but have learnt a lot since then.

Real winning lottery systems will not use these standard issue shady marking tactics to grab your sale. You will notice with real winning systems there will be no 60 day guaranteed refund, as that is very silly, as no lottery system can guarantee winning results, so every person will try for a refund, so the marketer selling the system would never make any money. 90% of the time you will never see your refund! This has been reported by many people on lottery websites and lottery system review sites, so do not be fooled.

I’m here to give it to your straight. Most lottery systems are totally useless and a complete waste of time and money. Still there are a small group of systems that are winning lottery games, these are the systems you should be using, as it is the smart way to play, you just need to know which systems are true real winning systems and not real winning systems, correct?

Here is the proof you need to see to pick a winning lottery system for yourself. This is the official poll results taken so real people or lottery winners could vote on the lottery system/systems that won lottery games for them. There is no better solid proof and you simply cannot cheat a poll. Take a look at the results below (click to open larger)

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems

   Also see the official poll results taken in 2012 below:Best winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

 Now you can compare systems and see the true real results these systems are giving people playing the lotteries world-wide. Choose which systems you want from the highest voted on systems and you will have the best lottery winning success period!

Lotto Guy Lottery System is in fact now known as the worlds best winning system for lotto games such as Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, Colorado Lottery, Pa Lottery, Illinois Lottery, UK Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, California Lottery, Ohio Lottery, South African Lottery, OZ Lotto, Washington Lottery, New York Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 an so on. We agree that this system is the best and should be the first lotto tool to use to increase your odds to win any pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lotto game. We also advise using possibly two or three winning systems or different lotto strategies, as switching strategies on and on is a real secret used by many big lottery winners, so now you know!

For absolute first time lottery system users, you may want go with a lottery wheeling system as is very easy to use and depending on the system can be very effective at hitting winning lottery numbers more than just once. We like Smart Play and Smart Luck wheeling systems, with Smart Play being the wiser choice as many people report good winning results using this pick 5 and pick 6 lottery wheeling system.

You must make your decision of which system to use, then stick with that system, do not jump from system to system, that is a bad way to play lotto. Also never gamble more than you can afford as gambling is very addictive, yet at the same time can be very rewarding! Now you know which lottery winning strategy really works to win lotto and is the smart way to win lotto, good luck!

Lottery System Reviews – See which systems win lotto and do not win lotto! Reviews sent in by real systems users to give honest in-site as to what you can expect.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Winning Lotto Worldwide

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Effective System


Win The Lottery Realistic Strategies

You have always heard others talk about winning the lottery and living their dream life, all just talk, why no action? Some do not even play the lottery, but talk about winning lotto and some play lotto, but refuse to change the way they play, to increase their chances to win. So you think about it and make the decision you are going to try a different strategy to try and win the lottery, it’s a start!

Have you really given it enough deep thought, to really figure out just what works and what does not work in a lotto strategy? Oh yes, you might say, lotto software systems (past drawn winning lottery number) are the way to go, it’s the most popular trend going right now, everybody’s using these types of systems these days, so you should too, right? Wrong! This is where 90% of all lottery players make their first big mistake, by using systems that so very common, for a very good reason, they are just giving you basically free data found totally free at lottery statistic websites and never give you a win rate more than about 2%. You must be informed, most lottery system sellers are in fact just marketers, they are not lottery experts and have never won the lottery. They simply use false advertising to sell you a very hyped-up low win rate system, no system has a win rate higher than about 30-40% tops.

You need to relax for a moment and put together a plan that can actually help you win the lottery better than the usual self picked random lottery numbers. Don’t get me wrong there people who do win with random lottery winning numbers, but the percentage is extremely low. You need to learn how to consistently increase your chances to hit winning lottery numbers, we call this plan use a verified real tested and proven winning system, it’s the only way to help yourself win realistically!

The first part of the plan that needs to be in place is to stay motivated as you play the lottery game of your choice, because there will be some ups and downs, it just comes
with the territory. Here’s your starting point…

1. Determine your budget and how many lottery tickets you will play each lotto game. Try to budget yourself so you can play consistently for periods of time, about 60 days.

2.  Get yourself a verified proven winning system, do not fall for the usual hyped-up systems that are developed by so-called lottery experts, Math Professors, MIT Professors and so on, as these are just gimmicks by marketers to sell and they always say their systems will give big win rates as 50%, 96%, 98% even 100%, which is all false advertising. I will show you the truth as to which systems are really winning lottery games, see official best winning systems poll results, this is real proof! (Click Poll To Enlarge)

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems

3. After reviewing the poll results, it’s now time to choose a lottery system to use. Many lottery system review sites as well as we do, all recommend the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system is a pattern analysis system (not hot and cold numbers) and seems to work very good for most users (no lottery system is perfect, just a necessary tool). This system has won lottery games world-wide such as Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, California Lottery, Pa Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, French Lottery, OZ Lotto, UK Lotto, Colorado Lottery, South African Lotto, Ohio Lottery plus many others. This system does take a little intelligence to use, but generally a fairly easy system to learn. If you want very easy, yet still highly effective at hitting winning lottery numbers go with Smart Play Lotto Wheels. This wheeling has added special strategy which can really boost your win rate if applied. You could try a few other systems as Smart Luck, but you really should start at the top, why spend more money than necessary right?

These real proven lottery tips can help your journey down the road to success at winning lottery games. Remember, starting something new will always seem uncomfortable at first, but once you have a plan and a good system, the journey becomes much easier. The only thing left is to believe in your dream and more importantly, do not give up, you simply cannot win the lottery if you do not play correct?

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My Baby! Lottery Wins Can Bring Joy!

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French Lotto Winning Strategies

French Lotto Winning Strategies to win easier is your key. The French Lotto game is the official state owned French lottery, it uses a two drum system for drawing five random lottery winning numbers between 1 and 49, plus one lucky random number between 1 and 10. The French Lotto has great odds to win, with odds of winning a cash prize of 1 in 16. There are only a few proven winning strategies that work, to help increase your odds to win the French Lotto. You need to change your playing strategy if you want better winning success!

The reported best winning lottery systems to use for the French Lotto is as follows:

  1. Lotto Guy System
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels

The Lotto Guy System is a pattern analysis system (not hot and cold numbers) ands the Smart Play System is a wheeling system which is very easy to use and is recommended if you are a beginner to using lottery systems. There are not many qualified lotto systems for the French Lotto game, so use one of these top rated systems and you will not go wrong.

If you want to win the French Lottery jackpot 5/49, you must match 5 out of the 49 numbers plus match the additional Lucky Number, that is drawn from a separate pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 10. The French lotto has additional six prize tiers, ranging from matching just the Lucky Number to matching all five drawn numbers.

The French Lotto game is drawn three times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and the jackpot starts at €2 million. The French Lotto is televised in France on France 2 at 8.30pm CET 7.30pm GMT, on each evening of the French Lotto Draw.

To win the French Lotto playing smart is a must do, there simply is no other way to win this lottery game.

Play French Lotto Smart To Win Big!!

Play French Lotto Smart To Win Big!!

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