Lotto Black Book Lottery System Review

This Lotto Black Book lottery system says shows a REAL LOTTERY WINNER’s secret to win the lottery. It’s created by an Oklahoma math professor Larry Blair, who claims to have won 3 out of 5 big lotto jackpots using his own system. Here are some of my concerns when investigating this Lotto Black Book system which makes big lottery winning claims, but has many suspect discrepancies.

  • Lotto Black Book system 1 year ago stated professor took 20 years to create and develop this secret winning system, yet now says took only 9 years, that a big change? Possibly this professor is not coming clean with his system.
  • This professor says he was taken by two masked males as he was leaving the mall. These two masked men grabbed him, put a gun to his head as they loaded him into their vehicle and apparently was shot in the leg. All this took place as these criminals wanted to know his lottery Black Book Secret Winning Formula. This sounds to me as though it is just a made up story for advertising. Who would kidnap and shoot a person to get a lottery system, they could just buy it and not risk jail time, makes sense!
  • This so-called professor says he was so successful with his system, that he hit the lottery jackpot three times. OK, so where is the Proof! On his older sales page Larry Blair was shown holding up a winning lottery ticket/cheque only this was a phony. The photo was proved to not be a person named Larry Blair math professor but, Michael Anderson (see below), so this seller was caught red handed lying! This is when he changed his sales page to cover his lies. There is no real proof any big lottery winning by this seller, nor by any person who has used this false system.


We actually got a hold of a copy of the Lotto Black Book System and looked it over. We were most certain the silly system was not developed by any math professor, yet we still gave it a test run, as it claims will increase your chances to win the lottery by 48.7% every time you play. Just as we expected after using the system for 5 weeks we failed to even hit a common 3 lottery number winner. As a matter of fact, we did better just using random lottery numbers than the very hyped-up Lotto Black Book System, must be a pretty dumb professor.

Also ClickBank Reviewers a dedicated site to exposing bogus programs to keep you from getting separated from your hard earned money, revealed the Lotto Black Book System is a joke! Even the top lottery system review sites all say to stay clear of this system, as it is a fraud!

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There you have it, the real honest truth about this Lotto Black Book System. The creator Larry Blair math professor is just as phony as the rest of the system. The system is not a real winning lottery system and there were no big lottery jackpots won with this system at all! I hope I have helped a few of you not get taken in by this false system and never believe you will get a refund, many report that is also false.

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