Silver Lotto System Review Not A Winning System

While we see many reviews on Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, most all of these reviews say the system is a good winning system or is it? We also see that most all of these reviews are not by real winners or real users of the system, just people who are selling the system as an affiliate trying to earn sales commissions. So basically all of these are 100% misleading false reviews and they give you no proof at all the system has won any lottery games. We certainly could not find any real lottery winners who won using this lottery system and their should be lots of them as the system claims to give you a 98% win rate, which is totally Un-Believable and certainly Not True!. This Silver Lotto System is reported on just about every single lottery system review site as a very poor winning system that should be passed on as not worth the waste of money and time. If there were tons of winners, there would most certainly be some evidence of this, but the fact is, there is None!

Ken Silver himself claims to have won a big lottery jackpot using his own Silver Lotto System, yet shows no proof of this win, that is very fishy indeed. He only shows you small groups of so-called winning lottery tickets, but they are blurred out of focus or arranged so you cannot see if it is a winning ticket or not, again very fishy stuff by a so-called self proclaimed lottery expert. We have also verified many complants against Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto System ranging from:

  • Silver Lotto System wins nothing after using many times.
  • Silver Lotto System does not give you a 98% win rate, more like a 2% win rate.
  • Sales page full of false or misleading advertising.
  • Once you purchase system Ken Silver does not help you, just ignores you if you have problems (many complaints of no support at all once has your money).
  • Guaranteed 60 day full refund not being honored as reported by many.
  • Some people actually report credit cards being billed over and over without consent from card owner (Possible Fraud Not Worth The Risk)

We have also seen many reviews on various websites, forums, review sites and legit articles stating the Silver Lotto System is not a good wining system. This makes perfect sense to use, as Ken Silver is not a real lottery expert, just a common writer/publisher hence all the made-up writings and claims about his system. We have even reviewed many claims against Ken Silver on actual rip-off report sites reporting all sorts of not good stuff, which again backs up all other bad reviews. So after digging deep and seeing what Ken Silver and his so-called great winning lottery system Silver Lotto System is all about, we agree 100% this Silver Lotto System is just pure hyped-up nonsense, the whole poor winning system is definitely not what it is advertised to be, as far as our opinion goes, the Silver Lotto System is just a common click bank seller trying to make a fast buck off of un-suspecting people who desperately want to win the lottery.

Have you seen the silly statement Ken Silver put on his sales page about the security of his system? This Ken Silver is seriously a big user of misleading burble to try to make people think he is a very intelligent lottery expert, when he is really only an intelligent shady seller!


My System is so valuable that years ago I took the precaution of storing the original formula in a bank vault – well away from prying eyes!”

The Silver Lotto System received NO votes at all as a good winning system on the 2013 best winning lottery system official poll results seen below. This yet again confirms the Silver Lotto System has NO real winners, all false advertising to build-up a seriously poor system. The official poll results reveal the true lottery winning systems and the Silver Lotto System is not one of them, not even close!

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems


Silver Lotto System Had No Real Winners From Using The System That Claims A Huge 98% Win Rate, sorry this is a totally false winning lottery system and the proof is solid!

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You can also check out and search Ken Silver or Silver Lotto System to see many more complaints. These are just a few places, there are many others out there reporting complaints on this Silver Lotto System, you now have the honest real truth!