Lotto Black Book System Completely Fake

We are extremely upset to see that the Lotto Black Book system is still on the market, as the system has been caught as a completely phony lottery system. This Lotto Black Book Review is not just our opinion, the Lotto Black Book system was checked out thoroughly by us and many other users. The system was found to not have been developed by an Oklahoma Math Professor Larry Blair as claimed on the system sales page. So who then owns this lottery system? Well it’s no big surprise, but the real creator of the Lotto Black Book system is just a plain old Marketer. Just a regular common marketer who is using a phony scenario of being created by an Oklahoma Math Professor, this is so you think it is a great winning system, when it is actually is a very poor winning system.

If you have followed the many various hyped-up sales pages for the Lotto Black Book, you would have seen the many misleading claims, such as being Larry Blair being shot in the leg for the Lotto Black Book Formula, silly false testimonials being used, all have been proven to not be true. This whole system has been caught red handed in untruthful claims! Who in the world would shoot a person in the leg and risk jail time, they only need to buy the system, not having to shoot anyone, makes no sense! Also every single lottery system review site is reporting this system as a phony and it does not win any lottery games.

The Lotto Black Book supposed creator says he won three lottery jackpots, yet not one single piece of legitimate proof to show is real. We contacted this Larry Blair and asked a few questions about the lottery winnings he claimed, well guess what? No replies at all, just what we figured would result. If you are going to tell the world you have won three lottery jackpots with your system, you had better have real proof!

We know many people were mislead into buying this false Lotto Black Book formula and they found out the hard way, it really was not a good system at all. Yes, we even gave the system a go and it failed to work as the advertised 48.7% win rate claimed. We did not get a requested refund even though it says guaranteed 60 day refund, so be warned of this.

The Lotto Black Book has some real secrets to reveal such as:

  • The Lotto Black Book was not created by a math professor, just a common marketer.
  • The Lotto Black Book has in fact not won three lottery jackpots.
  • The Lotto Black Book formula is really nothing special and does not give you the claimed 48.7 win rate as advertised.
  • The creator of the Lotto Black Book makes his money by sales ( mostly by affiliates selling system) not by winning the lottery.
  • The Lotto Black Book has been caught in many untruthful claims, seriously shows big red flag system is not for real.

Here is the results of the 2013 best winning lottery system official poll results. Take a look where the Lotto Black Book system placed. The system placed very poorly as no people are winning using the false system. You want real proof of winning systems, this poll shows you real solid proof of which systems real lottery winners are using.

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems

As you can see for yourself the top winning system was the Lotto Guy System taking 67% of the winning votes, so you know people are winning much better with that system versus the Lotto Black Book System with only a 2% of the votes, that is a huge difference my friends and solid truth!

The Lotto Black Book does have many so-called good reviews, but if you look closer at those reviews you will see they are all from affiliates selling the Lotto Black Book to make money. False reviews by affiliates are just untruthful reviews they mean nothing! You need to read the real reviews which are fewer and harder to find. The lotto Black Book is definitely not a tested and proven lottery system, it actually is a very nonsense filled system. The system is very costly and does not deliver what it advertises and does not honor the guaranteed refunds, so do not be fooled out of your money, there are much better real lottery winning systems you could be using.

The real secret to the Lotto Black Book System is that it is a phony lottery system designed to make money from sales, not by winning real lottery games. Also remember the poll results, the Lotto Black Book completely failed! No winners are using this nonsense silly system, polls do not lie like false Lotto Black Book Reviews or false testimonials. Only real  lottery systems give real winning results, sorry but the Lotto Black Book is definitely not one of those systems.

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