Lottery Destroyer Software Review Is It For Real?

The Lottery Destroyer Software System, is yet another lottery software system that claims to increase your chances to win tremendously! This system is created by Mike Bennett who says he is a streetwise computer geek who has studied the lottery algorithms for over 8 years, which basically means he is looking at the past drawn lottery numbers/ hot and cold lottery numbers. This is exactly what most all other lottery software systems say and do, so what is so special about this system? We can find nothing special about it! It is a proven fact these lottery software systems are no better than you, just picking your own numbers, it’s a fact!

Just for proof we decided to investigate lottery forms, lottery system review sites, lottery blogs and so to see what was said about this particular lottery system. We did find that all the top lottery system review sites report the system is virtually useless and we found many people who say the system is not worth the money, as it rarely helps win anything, better off using random lottery numbers. Now we also found out that just about every single good review on the Lottery Destroyer System was by an affiliate selling the system for commission sales. You can verify this as when you click the link to see the system in your browser address bar/url you will see hop in the url, this means it is an affiliate link. So after seeing almost every so-called good review is false, as is by an affiliate all makes perfect sense why many real users report the system as useless at winning lottery games.Update, Lottery Destroyer has been banned from selling through ClickBank, so no more affiliates to post lies how good it is. The system can now be bought by using a credit card, but be very careful, we would not recommend you using a credit card with this seller as clickbank did not trust the seller.

So now with all the evidence against this Lottery Destroyer System, we would recommend to just find a real verified winning lottery system and use that system, as it is proven effective at winning lottery games. We will steer you in the right direction by showing you the latest best winning lottery systems official poll results. This poll is by real people (lottery winners) who voted on the systems that won lottery games for them. This is solid proof of which lottery systems are actually winning lottery games. The Lottery Destroyer software system was not even voted on to be entered in the poll.

Click the poll to open larger so you can clearly see the official results:

Best Winning Lottery Systems

Best Winning Lottery Systems


We love this poll as we can steer people in the right direction showing solid proof! As you see the top winning systems are:

  1. Lotto Guy System ( Highest recommended lottery system in the world!)
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels ( Serious very effective wheeling system, even has a special strategy never seen with a wheeling system to boost win rates)
  3. Smart Luck ( Older wheeling system that still pulls in some wins, better than most of the silly systems)

Of course we suggest using one the top systems for best winning results, but sometimes changing to a different system is good. If you already are using a lottery software system as Lottery Destroyer and your winning results are poor, you need to play smarter by moving up to a real verified top rated system.

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