Powerball – How To Effectively Improve Your Chances To Win

If you live in one of the twenty one states that offers Powerball. You must use a proven winning strategy which will Effectively Improve Your Chances To Win. The old school methods for playing Powerball Lottery simply do not work any better than using quick picks. If you really want to have a better chance to hit the Powerball Lotto Jackpot. Then you simply need to use an effective winning strategy.

Many people who play Powerball Lotto on a weekly basis and never seem to hit even the smaller winning cash payouts. Will do much better if they switched over to a real lottery system that can improve their over-all success rate. There is no magic numbers, no magic spells or magic lottery systems. The real fact is, a logical lottery system is your only tool. It will help you hit those Winning Powerball Numbers easier, there simply is nothing else.

As with any type of gambling, if you apply a strategy that betters ones odds to win. You usually win much more frequently than your previous method of playing. It’s just simple fact. This also applies when playing Powerball Lotto, Mega Millions or any main lottery game, you see? Playing Powerball smarter results in you winning easier and more frequently, that’s your magic key.

Most Lottery Systems Do Not Help You Win Powerball

While there are many strategies or lottery systems one can use. The cold hard fact is, most lottery systems are useless at giving you a real increased win rate. The worst type of lottery system is a lotto software. One where they also give or feed you numbers to play. Where do those numbers come from? There are only from two sources. They are totally random numbers, or they are simply hot and cold drawn numbers taken right off of the Powerball main website. Which is totally free for anyone to do. You see how these software type systems try and fool you? They are simply for entertainment purposes, nothing more.

Now, there are real legit winning lottery systems that really do help you hit those Powerball winning numbers easier. These types of systems are Not Lotto Software. You will put in your lottery numbers along with using special number picking strategies. Which will allow for a real honest increased win rate. The first top real winning system is a number pattern analysis type system called Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system can seriously boost your win rates if used properly, including applying their special strategies. This system is very recommended and used by many lottery players.

The second system is a wheeling system. Used along with certain special strategies to effectively put your numbers into patterns/groups that if hit will allow you to win more than just once. You can even use these two systems together if you wish as many do. If want to use a good wheeling system then Smart Play Lotto Wheels would be your best bet.

To Win Powerball Lotto You Must Play Smarter

The bottom line is. By using a good solid lottery system is your best bet to logically Win Powerball. It will effectively help you improve your chances to win Powerball easier. You must play smarter there is simply no better alternative playing method. You can check out more great review sites and lottery articles below. Play smart and your life could change in a blink of an eye.

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How To Play Powerball Lottery While Living In Canada

The United States Powerball Lottery is the biggest lottery in the United States and Canadians living in Canada can also play Powerball. When it comes to record high jackpots and winnings paid out, the Powerball Lottery is the top lottery game for sure. Most Canadians think that you need to be a resident of the United States to play Powerball in Canada, this is not true. There are no restrictions on nationality to play Powerball and it’s actually easy to play this lottery game in Canada.

While you cannot purchase Powerball Lottery Tickets online directly from United States lottery corporations, Canadians can buy Powerball lottery tickets online through concierge services found online. They will buy your Powerball lottery tickets on your behalf, just make absolutely sure the site is fully licensed and regulated, and your money and activity is safe and secure at all times. When you find a place to use, just deposit some money into your account and then buy your lottery tickets. It’s just that simple and easy to do.

If you legally purchase a Powerball ticket, you can play the game and you can collect any prizes won. You do not have to be a citizen or a resident to play the game. You can be a tourist, Powerball states on its website. However just note, a problem could arise if you bring the ticket back to Canada. Technically speaking, it’s illegal to enter the United States with your lottery ticket, which means that Canadians who purchase Powerball lottery tickets in the United States and bring them into Canada, then try to re-enter the United States with their lottery tickets, could be committing an illegal act and may have their lottery tickets seized. This in fact has actually happened, although the lottery tickets were eventually returned to the purchaser, so just be aware of this.

If you are concerned about having your Powerball lottery tickets seized, you can leave your United States lottery tickets in the United States by just renting a mailbox or can leave them with a trusted friend in the United States who can keep them for you.

Lottery Taxes United States: Canadians who win the Powerball lottery will have to pay 30% of their winnings in Federal U.S. taxes. Some states also might collect income tax on your lottery winnings, but others don’t. Just info you should know just in case you win.

Lottery Taxes Canada: Canadians don’t have to pay tax on their United States lottery winnings in Canada, as lottery winnings are exempt from taxation under section 40(2)(f) of the Income Tax Act of Canada, so no worries there.

You have a 1 in 292 million chance of winning the Powerball Lottery and applies to every lottery ticket that you buy. The more tickets that you have the better your overall odds of success will be. The odds to win are huge, your chances are infinitesimal, and you probably won’t win the jackpot. But hey, someone has to win it right? and there is much more than the main jackpot at stake, you can still win a life changing sum even if you get the second or third highest prize.

To improve your odds at winning, you should consider using a good lottery winning strategy/lottery system, it can boost your odds to win and is a good logical way to improve your success rate. Good luck to you and play Powerball responsibly.

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Powerball – How To Play Smarter To Win Easier

Powerball Lottery has now become the main lottery game to play for many people. This is basically due to the fact the Powerball jackpot quickly rises and can grow to very serious amounts of prize money. This is a huge lure that most people simply cannot resist and for a good reason, if you win, you are set for life! Being set for life is a dream for most people and will never happen unless they win the lottery.

Now playing the big Powerball lottery is not hard or expensive to participate in, but there are a few changes one could make that could assist them in hitting Winning Powerball Numbers a little easier. Instead of the usual method most people use such as, picking numbers out of thin air, or lucky numbers, horoscope numbers and so on. You need to use a method or what is called a lottery system which will of course not guarantee you will win, but will definitely increase your odds/chances to win easier, it’s the best that one can do to increase success rates, there simply is no other method to help you win easier.

Some people will never change the way they play the lottery, even if they keep losing over and over again, not even coming close to hitting winning Powerball numbers. This is actually a good thing for those of you who do change over and use a better strategy (Lottery System) as your success rate will be definitely better than those who do not use any strategy, giving you a better over-all chance to win the lottery. You must remember you are not only trying to win the lottery, you are also competing with many other lottery players for same winnings. Smart people will use all that can be used and stick with it, it’s really the only way to do it, any other method is really generally a waste of time and money. So the simple truth is, you do indeed need to play smarter if you are really serious at improving your odds to win Powerball or any lottery game you play easier, there is no other alternative.

One of the best formula type lottery systems we highly recommend to use is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, it will improve your odds to win easier by putting your numbers into much better winning groups. Also these articles and websites below will show you the best lottery systems that really can actually help increase your chances to win the Powerball Lottery as well other big main lottery games. Make a change and play smarter, that’s your big key to real winning success!

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How To Win Mega Million and Powerball

Mega Million is a huge lottery game that many would love to win and the reality is you can, if you increase your odds to win! Do not think this is possible? Just ask the Mega Million winners that are reporting hitting 4 lotto numbers and 5 lotto numbers winning combinations very frequently. The 5 lotto winning numbers they are hitting playing Mega Million come usually with-in a 6 months period of playing, this is nothing compared to the millions of lottery players who never win at all! So what  is the winning strategy what are these lotto players using to win Mega Million? The winning strategy is a new lottery wheeling system that uses verified wheels that have won many big lottery games such as Mega Million and Powerball. The formula used to design these winning lottery wheels have proven to be highly effective at winning lottery games world-wide. The system is now being reported by many experts as the best winning wheeling system in the world!

Imagine getting your lottery tickets and then checking the latest Mega Millions winning number results, and discovering you have a winning 5 lotto numbers winning ticket, you my friend just won yourself $250,000.00, what do you do next with all that money? Here is what other lottery winners of the California Lottery, Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, Georgia Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Pa Lottery, Virginia Lottery, New York Lottery, Washington Lottery, Colorado Lottery, Maryland Lottery and so on did with their winnings. Most bought a new vehicle and a new home, which of course is always nice to have. You yourself could be doing just that with-in 6 months from now playing lotto. You need to follow the recommended strategy to increase your chances to win big! Seriously you a re going to play no matter what, so use the smart stratregy you really have nothing to lose only winnings to gain! The strategy being used is Smart Play Lotto Wheels, you may have heard of it as it came in second place as the best winning lottery wheeling system in the world. With the Mega Million lotto jackpots being as large as they are today, you would be very wise to use and apply this strategy, it works and is very highly recommended by many real lottery winners, it’s simply a No Brainer! 

Do you play the Powerball Lottery? Did you know the Powerball Lottery is a huge multi-state lottery run in all but 8 U.S states, as well as the District of Columbia and Virgin Islands? Powerball Lottery game is just like Mega Millions, the winning jackpots are super large, beginning at $20 million and then going up from there, so it really is must play lotto game.
How To Play Powerball Lottery
The very popular Powerball lottery is a two drum lottery game. The first drum holds 59 white balls, the second drum holds 39 red balls. The red ball are the Powerball. Entrants will select five white balls from first drum and then one red ball from the second drum. The Powerball numbers can be selected by the entrants or drawn at random by the Powerball Lottery machine. The order of which your Powerball numbers are drawn do not affect your winnings.
To win the Powerball Lottery Jackpot, you must match all five white balls in any order drawn, as well as the red Powerball. Even if you don’t succeed at winning the Powerball Jackpot, you can still win cash prizes for getting as little as one correct number (the Powerball). Here’s the Powerball payouts:
  • 5 Correct White Balls and the Powerball: Jackpot Winner
  • 5 Correct White Balls, but no Powerball win: $200,000 ($1,000,000 if you have a PowerPlay at any level)
  • 4 Correct White Balls and the Powerball: $10,000 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 4 Correct White Balls, but no Powerball win: $100 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 3 Correct White Balls and the Powerball: $100 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 3 Correct White Balls, but no Powerball win: $7 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 2 Correct White Balls and the Powerball: $7 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • 1 Correct White Ball and the Powerball: $4 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
  • Just the Powerball win: $3 x any PowerPlay Multiplier
As with the Mega Million lottery, the Powerball Lottery is also a very popular worthwhile lotto game to play, but to get good results, you MUST always use a proven lotto strategy if you are going to succeed in hitting those 4 and 5 Powerball winning lottery numbers. The best known proven strategy for this playing this lotto game is the system Lotto Guy Lottery System. The Lotto Guy System has the best over-all verified proven winning track record for winning Powerball and the Smart Play Lotto Wheeling system has the second known best winning track record for Powerball lottery. With such huge payouts at stake, you simply must play smart to win or really you are just wasting your time and money, this is a no brainer!
U.S States or Territory that participate in playing Powerball & Mega Millions:
                        Lotto Mega Millions – Powerball 
  Alabama No   –   –
  Alaska No   –   –
Arizona Yes Yes Yes
Arkansas Yes Yes Yes
California Yes Yes No
Colorado Yes Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes Yes Yes
Delaware Yes Yes Yes
District of Columbia Yes Yes Yes
Florida Yes No Yes
Georgia Yes Yes Yes
Hawaii No
Idaho Yes Yes Yes
Illinois Yes Yes Yes
Indiana Yes Yes Yes
Iowa Yes Yes Yes
Kansas Yes Yes Yes
Kentucky Yes Yes Yes
Louisiana Yes Yes Yes
Maine Yes Yes Yes
Maryland Yes Yes Yes
Massachusetts Yes Yes Yes
Michigan Yes Yes Yes
Minnesota Yes Yes Yes
Mississippi No
Missouri Yes Yes Yes
Montana Yes Yes Yes
Nebraska Yes Yes Yes
Nevada No
New Hampshire Yes Yes Yes
New Jersey Yes Yes Yes
New Mexico Yes Yes Yes
New York Yes Yes Yes
North Carolina Yes Yes Yes
North Dakota Yes Yes Yes
Ohio Yes Yes Yes
Oklahoma Yes Yes Yes
Oregon Yes Yes Yes
Pennsylvania Yes Yes Yes
Puerto Rico Yes No No
Rhode Island Yes Yes Yes
South Carolina Yes Yes Yes
South Dakota Yes Yes Yes
Tennessee Yes Yes Yes
Texas Yes Yes Yes
Utah No No No
US Virgin Islands Yes Yes Yes
Vermont Yes Yes Yes
Virginia Yes Yes Yes
Washington Yes Yes Yes
West Virginia Yes Yes Yes
Wisconsin Yes Yes Yes
Wyoming No


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How To Win The Lotto By Playing Smarter

The number one question people ask is “how can I win the lottery” and the answer is, you can win the lotto by player smarter! Winning the lottery is just like anything else you try to succeed at, you must be patient and do it in a smart manner. The smart way to have better lottery winning success is to use what the real lottery winners use, a system!

A lottery system is your best friend when trying to win the lotto. What does a lottery system actually do? The main thing a system will do, is to increase your odds to hit winning lottery numbers. Of course not all systems will work, some work much better than others, it’s all in the way the system is designed. There are lotto systems that are put into software form, but that does not mean they will win for you. Lotto software systems generally give you past drawn lottery numbers, which by the way are all free at lottery statistics websites, so no need to ever purchase a lotto software system. These types of systems are the most common and they generally give you about a 2 percent win rate, which is just a little better than using random lottery numbers.

You will see many lottery systems advertised claiming super high win rates as 50%, 96%, 98%, even 100%, these are the what I call silly systems as no lottery system in the world can give you these silly high win rates. If you investigate these systems you will find almost 99% of the time the seller or system creator is a marketer and is using false advertising to sell the gambling product. Also if the system is selling through places as click bank it will have affiliates promoting the system which is a clear sign the system does not win lottery games, just a money making scheme!

So when trying to win the lotto by playing smarter, your first lottery tip is to find a good verified real winning lottery system, the silly false systems will win you squat! There are really only a few solid reputable tested and proven winning systems to choose from. One of the easiest most effective systems that winning lottery games world-wide is the Smart Play Lotto Wheels System. This is a serious winning wheeling system that is much different than the rest of the common wheeling systems, it has added special strategies you apply along with your already proven wheels and there is no lottery wheeling system that can match the effectiveness of this excellent wheeling system. I have seen reports of this wheeling system wining lottery games such as:

  • New York Take 5
  • Jersey cash 5
  • Ohio Rolling Cash
  • Arizona Pick 5
  • Kentucky Cashball
  • Colorado Lotto
  • Arizona The Pick
  • Lotto 649
  • Oregon megabucks
  • Florida Lotto
  • Texas Lotto
  • Powerball Lottery
  • Mega Millions

Plus many others, but you see what I mean. Because the Smart Play System is so easy to use, it is being recommended by many lottery players and it is a smart winning strategy to increase your odds to win the lottery over using random lottery numbers, or silly useless systems/lotto strategies that do virtually nothing to help you win.

Yes, there are a few other good winning systems, but for many people ease of use while being highly effective is what is best to use. If you go to Lottery Systems Review Group  you can read about the best lottery systems to use and see the latest official poll results on which systems were voted as best winning systems in the world!

Remember this! The whole point to playing the lottery is trying to win the lottery, not just focusing on a jackpot win, but hitting the smaller cash lotto winnings as well, as these can add up very fast while you still have a much better chance to hit the big lottery jackpot.

You Cannot Win The Lotto if You Do not Play!

You Cannot Win The Lotto if You Do not Play!

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Winning Lotto – How To Increase Your Odds To Win

People try to beat the odds at winning the lottery using winning lotto strategies, however many end up failing miserably as most strategies suck! Oh yes, there are a few ‘lucky’ people that seem to win and win frequently, but these lottery players create their own luck by using a tested and proven winning lottery system, which is designed to increase their odds to win substantially, rather than pure luck alone.

Using a reputable lottery system and playing the maximum number of lottery tickets you can afford will definitely increases your odds to win the lottery. The smart lottery players playing and winning such lotteries as OZ Lotto, UK Lotto, National Lottery, Colorado Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, California Superlotto Plus, Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, New Your Lottery, Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions, and many others are probably using a lottery system they purchased on the Internet. So which system did they choose? And why did they choose that particular system? After canvassing these smart lottery players the majority had used a system called the Lotto Guy Lottery System.

Using a top winning lottery system allowed me to have one of my dream cars and it only took me 6 months to win enough to actually own it! Try doing that playing self picked winning lottery numbers, sorry ain’t gonna happen!!

My Baby!

This system has shown time and time again to produce the desired winning results, about 75% of the people using this system are getting good lottery winning success. As a carpenter has his trusty hammer for his tool of the trade, lottery players use their tool of choice for winning the lotteries and that tool right now would be the Lotto Guy Lottery System, it’s the winner of the World’s Best Lotto System in a recent official 2013 poll and polls are for real un-like fake testimonials which are running rampant on many sales pages for lotto systems.

The word is out, it is now well proven that to win the lottery, you need to use a smarter lotto winning strategy are be left behind. Things change and gambling is now a source for retirement funds for some people, it may be the only hope they have to be set and secure for a couple of bucks weekly, to try and win the lottery, so don’t waste your time on nonsense strategies or systems, you need to use systems that really increase your odds to win, do it right the first time, follow real lottery winners advice!

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